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Fireplace insert KFD ECO MAX 7 3F basic

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1. Reliability and durability of the Kfd Eco Max 7 Left Basic

A solid structure made of the highest quality cast iron and steel guarantees safety and reliability for many years of use.

2. Efficiency and Ecology

A modern double combustion system allows you to maximize the use of energy from wood and care for the environment

3. High performance Kfd Eco Max 7 Left

The flue gas deflector forces the flue gas to circulate longer in the furnace. As a result, the heating efficiency increases and combustion becomes more ecological.

4. Safety and a beautiful view of the fire

All panes are made of transparent ceramics resistant to temperatures up to 800 ° C and thermal shocks. Thanks to the air curtain and pyrolysis, they stay clean longer.

5. Accurate control of the beauty of combustion.

Smooth regulation of the air inlet allows you to control the intensity and speed of combustion.

6. Sunroof (option)

The damper allows you to precisely regulate the thrust in the chimney.

7. Tightness of the Kfd Eco Max cartridge 7 Left

The door is blocked by a lock that tightly closes the door. The set (depending on the model) "cold handle" or gloves, ensuring comfortable and safe operation.

8. Comfort of use and easy cleaning

The ash box allows you to quickly and conveniently get rid of ash. Removable parts of the furnace allow for maintenance work without having to disassemble the furnace

9. Direct air intake (option)

The possibility of equipping with a direct combustion air inlet to the furnace (optional equipment) guarantees proper functioning in modern, energy-efficient houses. Standard equipment in the ECO iLUX 90 and ECO iLUX 90 L / R inserts.

10. Frame (option)

The optional rack allows easy and quick installation and precise height adjustment to ensure stability.

Main characteristics
Heated area (sq.m.) 110
Heated volume (cubic meters) 275
Rated power (kW) 11,5
Efficiency (%) 82,5
Ecology class А+
Fireplace insert width (mm) 600
Chimney diameter (mm) 200
WxDxH (mm) 691х462х711
Glazing type tripartite
Product weight (kg) 115
Housing material Cast iron
Combustion chamber material Cast iron
Burning type hearth
Fuel Firewood
Special Features
Glass up No
Air supply to glass Yes
Long burning Yes
Water circuit No
Air supply from outside No
Gate valve (rotary valve) Option
Ash box Yes

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