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Fireplace set (facing, firebox)

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    The fireplace set is a mini home heating complex. The kit includes everything you need to create a complete freestanding fireplace. This is the firebox itself, which can be selected at the request of the customer, and the cladding is made of natural stone. The cladding itself performs a heat-accumulating function, thereby helping to prolong the comfortable temperature in the room. An excellent addition to the fireplace will be a functional wood-burning bench and an extended version of the wood-burning rack, which acts as a shelf. You will not need to figure out where to put the logs for home fires. Fold them in a specially designated place - this is both convenient and design beautiful.

        One of the properties of natural stones for facing stoves and fireplaces is fast heating and slow cooling. Thus, the desired temperature will remain in your room for a long time after the flame goes out. A fireplace in a natural stone cladding can be fired without time limit. It is these abilities that distinguish such fireplace sets as opposed to conventional fireplaces.

    Convenience of this design in a simple assembly that does not require much time. The fireplace set is easy to assemble already in the living area, because assembly does not involve the use of building mixtures.

    Such a fireplace set is perfect as the main heating of a country house that does not require

    Believe me, such a complex will take a central place in the room, create incredible coziness and warmth in your home.

The set includes:

Natural stone cladding + bench + extended firebox

Firebox as agreed with the customer.

    Important! The area of ​​the heated room is from 100 to 150 m2.

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