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Cost of installation works

Installation of a fireplace in the house

To date, the largest demand for heating cottages and small country houses use stove-fireplaces. Depending on the model, they can be supplemented with different functions - this may be the presence of a hob, the possibility of connecting a water circuit (water jacket), it is also possible to select a furnace according to the dimensions of the glass in the furnace door and at the capacity of the furnace itself (the ability to lay a certain length of firewood).

            The most important point in installing a fireplace stove is to provide fire safety in the house, since there is a fire case.

When choosing the location of the furnace, if possible, it is necessary to provide an offset from all adjacent combustible materials: up to the back wall of at least 250 mm, on the sides not less than 500 mm, and in front not less than 500 mm;

The furnace must be installed on a non-flammable base. Depending on the customer's request, this can be a fireproof steel or glass plate, tiles.


Installation of a stove (fireplace) with installation of a chimney From 200 bel.rub.



Installation of a bath furnace

When installing a sauna oven, there are some general rules:

The base on which the oven will be installed must be strong (for example, a podium filled with cement, or laid out of bricks);

The distance from the walls of combustible materials or any partitions should be at least 260 mm from the furnace body;

The platform in front of the firebox must be protected by thermal insulation and a metal apron;

The chimney must be securely insulated from the ceiling and the roof;


Installation of a sauna stove with installation of a chimney From 200 bel.rub.


Important! When an order for installation is received, our specialists will go to the site to determine the scope of work. Materials necessary for work at the facility are agreed in advance: an estimate for materials is prepared, sent to the client for approval. The work start date is agreed.


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