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Наш инстаграм.

About Us

    The official site of the company Svoeteplo.by is a major trading platform of heating equipment and accessories for them. There you will find absolutely everything for heating your house or giving.

            For convenience, we have allocated a large section in our store and designed it separately in st-bani.by. At the new site, we are ready to offer you only the best models of bath ovens. A feature of our store is not only the offer in the purchase of the stove and all the components to it, but we are also ready to offer services in the finishing works of the bath, installation of a bath oven and installation of a chimney. All our works can be found in the installation of stoves and chimneys.

            Also we did not pass the fashion in the bathing business on the facing of the sauna stove. We have tried to collect in our catalog cladding for all the famous Vesuvius Stoves, Legend, Hephaestus and novelties in the Belarusian market - Svarozic bath ovens.

Modern coatings from soapstone not only aesthetically decorate the interior of your bath, but also improve the microclimate in the steam room, bringing it closer to the maximum "real Russian bath" and add healing properties to steam.

By calling us, you will receive a competent consultation on the choice of the furnace and related equipment to it. We are also ready to answer all your questions regarding finishing and installation. Do not wait and dial!

Our telephones: +375 44 711 75 15 velc

                              +375 33 901 07 12 mts

We are working Mo-Fr 9.00-20.00 Sa, Sun 10.00-18.00

Thank you for choosing us!