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Вагонка для саун и бань

Вагонка для саун и бань

Lining is widely used in construction for interior and exterior decoration of houses, cottages, saunas, verandas. This eco-friendly and safe material is used for decorative interior decoration. Thanks to this finish, it gives the impression that it is cozy and warm here.

Due to the extensive scope of lining, there are different types of profiles and materials. They differ in locks, shapes, sizes, the presence of a chamfer and even color.


- naturalness;

-environmental friendliness;

- aesthetics (each type of wood has its own unique structure and shade);

- the availability of the material;

- ease of installation;

- long service life;

- the possibility of additional finishing;

- heat and sound insulation


- sensitivity to moisture;

- the probability of deformation during the period of operation.

It should be understood that all these shortcomings can be easily circumvented by choosing high-quality processed wood and performing the correct installation. When purchasing lining, it is necessary to clearly understand the conditions in which the material will be located and start from this, choosing the type of wood. So for wet rooms (bath, sauna, steam room), coniferous lining is ideal, and for dry rooms - hardwood.

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