Наш инстаграм.
Наш инстаграм.


380.00 руб. Ex Tax: 380.00 руб.

Facing tile 300x300x10 "smooth" Soapstone

    Facing tiles made of natural stone (soapstone). It is used for decorative wa..

31.77 руб. Ex Tax: 31.77 руб.

Soapstone corner

    Soapstone corners are designed for decorative finishing together with tiles. The corne..

400.00 руб. Ex Tax: 400.00 руб.

Tile Ragged stone Talcochlorite 200x50x20

Tiles made of natural stone Talcochlorite "Torn stone" is used for wall decoration to create a natur..

340.00 руб. Ex Tax: 340.00 руб.

Tile Smooth (polished) Talcochlorite 300x150x10

Polished soapstone tiles 300x150x10 mmSquared (pieces): 22Natural stone Talcochlorite is the best fu..
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