Heat storage fireplaces made of natural stone.

Heat storage fireplaces

Heat storage stoves-fireplaces made of natural natural stone are an ideal solution for heating a country house or estate. Made of environmentally friendly material, they not only allow you to quickly and efficiently heat a cold room, but also give a special Scandinavian flavor to the interior. Moreover, the design and materials of such stoves allow them to accumulate energy obtained from firewood and slowly release it through the cladding, and not be removed along with the combustion products, and due to this, heat storage stoves can heat a room for 10-20 hours after heating, in unlike a conventional fireplace.

 This section shows fireplace stoves with a special heat storage lining, which allows, after the completion of the firebox, to give off heat for a long time.

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Fireplaces Cladding BASIC CONTURA i6 (various variations)

The cladding is made of Talcomagnesite. The stone perfectly withstands repeated heating up to 1200 C..
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