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Fireplaces Cladding STANDART 2 KAW-MET W17 (various variations)

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The cladding is made of Talcomagnesite. The stone perfectly withstands repeated heating up to 1200 C, and accumulates heat as much as possible due to the high density of the rock. The stove gives off the heat accumulated by the stone evenly and for a long time. It was found that the thermal radiation of talcomagnesite stone coincides with the solar radiation, such radiation is perceived by the body as relaxing and velvety-soft.

Talcomagnesite is a natural stone with its own inclusions and structure. Therefore, the original product may slightly differ in design from the image in the picture.

The TST-1 cladding model from the Standart line, despite its simple design, is one of the most versatile and popular models that fit perfectly into any interior without taking up much space and without loading the premises with their brutality. Perfectly neat model.

By default, this cladding model is equipped with a Contura i6 firebox (Sweden).

At the request of the customer, we can change the dimensions of the cladding, complete this cladding model with another fireplace insert with the development of an individual design of the model in 3D.

Typical characteristics:

  The cladding is made of 40-50 mm thick slabs.

  Easy assembly (the kit contains all the fasteners and assembly instructions-drawing).

  The area of ​​the heated room is up to 70 m2.

  The cladding is able to retain and give off heat for 6 hours after the firewood has completely burned out in the fireplace insert.

Overall dimensions of the cladding * (WxDxH) - 1300x960x530 mm.

Product weight * - about 350 kg.

  * Dimensions and weight of the cladding are for reference only and depend on the model of the selected fireplace insert and on the desired dimensions of the customer.

For this model of cladding we can recommend

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