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Iskander ZK Uragan

213.50 руб. Ex Tax: 213.50 руб.

Add-on module Iskander 25(M)

    The module is designed to enable the Iskander stove heater to be enlarged, by analogy ..
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    The best offer of the middle segment on the market of sauna stoves from the Tekhnolit company is the line of cast-iron stoves Iskander!

    Iskander stoves are designed for use in steam rooms of small and medium sizes. The mode of the steam room "Russian bath" with fine steam.

    The line of budget Iskander stoves is represented by two models: Iskander 25 and Iskander ZK 25. Both models are equipped with a protective steel mesh casing. But at the same time, the developers of the furnace allow lining it with brick or stone cladding.

    Like all furnaces of the Technolit company, the Iskander cast-iron furnace allows the installation of additional elements, such as a portal extension, a starting pipe, etc.

    If you are not a big connoisseur of the bath, and visiting the bath is not a ritual for you, then we advise you to take a closer look at this line of stoves. They will not surprise you with their price. Great oven at a great price!