Please, carefully read the terms of the installments.

Installment is provided for goods valued at 200 BYR.

The list of goods for which installments do not work:

Goods costing up to 200 BYR;

Furnaces for the sauna "Bonfire";

Electric furnaces Harvia;

Boilers "Partner"

Necessary documents and conditions for the registration of installments:

Passport (it is possible to arrange installments and with a residence permit);

Application with completed application form.

Terms of payment:

Overstay period Overpayment on the cost of goods

3 months without overpayment

4 months 4%

5 months 5%

6 months 6%

 Initial payment 30% of the cost of goods

 Repayment of payment by installments:

1. You can repay all the debts ahead of schedule;

2. You can make a payment at any branch of the bank (the conditions for charging a commission for the payment are set by the banks)

3. Any branch of the bank "BANK SOLUTION" (Trustbank) - no commission;

4. Any department of RUE Belposhta - no commission.


We look forward to working with you!