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Cast iron sauna stove Vesuvius Everest 24 Easy Par (281) under lining

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    The cast-iron stove for the bath "Everest Light Steam" is designed for use in steam rooms up to 26 m3. The oven is ideal for creating a "Russian bath" temperature regime.

The "Everest Light Steam" furnace has a prefabricated structure, devoid of additional welded and threaded joints, the furnace is assembled according to the "protrusion-groove" system.

The fire chamber of the Everest Light Steam sauna stove is made of high-quality heat-resistant cast iron. In place of the flame arrester in the upper part of the firebox, there is a closed heater made of stainless steel 3 mm thick. The volume of the heater is designed for 25-30 kilograms of stones.

Water is supplied to the heater using a steam generator included in the delivery.

The stove is equipped with a viewing door Vesuvius art. 281. "Everest Light Steam" is a modern, high-tech stove for a bath, with a long service life and the ability to easily create a Russian bath mode, with high-quality fine steam.

The presented version of the furnace is designed for lining with stone or brick. It is possible to finish the stove with facings made of natural stone.

Technical characteristics of Vesuvius bath furnaces
Fire door 281
Height 845 mm
Width 415 mm
Depth 812 mm
The volume of the steam room 15-26 m3

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