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Cast iron stove for a bath Vesuvius Legend Retro 24 (205)

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    The bath-iron cast-iron furnace Legend Retro 24 (205) is equipped with a cast-iron non-hermetic door Vesuvius 205. External cladding with obligatory convection gap or installation of convection mesh with filling with stones is possible.

The new line of cast-iron sauna stoves Vesuvius Legend Retro, differs from other models of Vesuvius bath stoves in the first place in that all the structural elements of the furnace are made of cast iron with a thickness of at least 10 mm. Also, the design of the furnace furnace has been changed: the upper part of the furnace and the smoke collector are made integral, and the furnace itself consists of only two parts: the lower grate part and the upper part with an integrated smoke hood. This makes the design safer, reduces the number of joints and seams, which are traditionally weak points in any furnace or furnace.

Moreover, at the Vesuvius Legend Retro furnace, stiffening ribs are noticeably enlarged. They not only give the structure strength and reliability, but also due to the width of two and a half centimeters and an increased surface area, they improve the process of heat removal from the furnace furnace, therefore this model warms up significantly faster than other cast-iron thick-walled furnaces.

A voluminous firebox and a wide door make it possible to conveniently place firewood of a standard size in the oven without fear of their loss. The diameter of the chimney nozzle is one hundred twenty millimeters outside and ninety-four mm inside. A twenty-one centimeter long tunnel will make it possible to insulate the wall between the steam room and the dressing room both with a beam and with a brick or blocks.

The one-piece cast-iron door retains its shape when heated and prevents smoke in the room. Fastening the doors to the furnace tunnel is bolted, which allows removing and replacing the door if necessary. The joint of the tunnel and the furnace is treated with heat-resistant sealant, which prevents the penetration of smoke into the dressing room. The ash box in length reaches the rear wall of the furnace. The absence of the rear wall of the ash pan facilitates its emptying and cleaning. Using the ash box, you can also adjust the furnace furnace process. The appearance of the product may vary slightly from the photos on the site.

Technical characteristics of Vesuvius bath furnaces
Fire door Vesuvius 205
Height 605 mm
Width 370 mm
Depth 855 mm
Chimney diameter 120 mm
The volume of the steam room 12-26 m3

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