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The pig-iron furnace for a bath Vesuvius Everest 24 (280)

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    The cast iron stove for the Everest 24 bath is designed for use in paired rooms of medium size 15-25 m3. The furnace is ideally suited for creating the temperature regime of the “Russian bath”

The Everest 24 model has a prefabricated design, is deprived of additional welded and threaded joints, the furnace is assembled according to the projection-groove system. Each part of the furnace can be changed separately, without the need to replace the entire furnace.

The firebox of the Everest 24 sauna stove is made of high-quality heat-resistant cast iron. Structurally, the firebox consists of 2 chambers separated by a flame arrester. The presence of a special channel for supplying additional portions of heated air to the upper part of the furnace allows implementing the “secondary afterburning” system, which significantly increases the efficiency of the bath furnace.

The stove of the Everest 24 furnace is solid, the bottom of the stove is made in the form of special channels that protect the stove from deformation and allow evenly heating the stones located in the stove.

Special stiffening ribs on the side walls of the furnace not only give the structure strength and reliability, but also improve the process of removing heat from the furnace furnace, so this model warms up the furnace room much faster than other cast iron stoves.

The furnace is equipped with a deaf cast-iron furnace door Vesuvius 280.

"Everest 24" is a modern, high-tech furnace for a bath and a sauna, with a large operational resource. It is a product of unsurpassed quality, functional and easy to use.

This version of the furnace is ideal for finishing with natural stone cladding.

Technical characteristics of Vesuvius bath furnaces
Fire door 280
Height 670 mm
Width 415 mm
Depth 812 mm
Chimney diameter 150 mm
The length of the furnace tunnel 200 mm
The volume of the steam room 15-25 m3

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