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Facing Classic Combi (for the Hephaestus oven PB-04)

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    Facing is suitable for Hephaestus PB-04, PB-04 ZK

    The main role of the cladding made of natural stone is the creation in the steam bath of the Russian bath. Facing in combination with the stove will ensure the correct bath conditions, will not allow to dry the steam room and will provide a lot of quality finely divided light vapor. And of course it will be the main decoration in the steam room. The company Svarozic produces for the cast-iron bath furnaces Gefest line of Classic, Lux / President and Russian steam cladding.

    Wet steam and high temperatures in the conditions of the Russian steam room exposes the bath oven and its lining in long-term operation to great trials. High humidity with extreme temperature changes is detrimental to the brick structure and leads to destruction in the near future. Natural stone as a facing furnace is considered a good alternative for its durability in long-term operation and efficiency. Talkomagnesite or coil advantageously differs from brickwork with cement mortar by its properties. Natural stone in the lining provides a much higher rate of heating to the desired temperature without the need for many hours of preparation of the furnace. Already after an hour or so the oven in the facing made of natural stone gives off a light steam and a sufficient temperature in the steam room.

    The assembly of the natural stone cladding is performed according to the "groove-comb" scheme with the connection by means of a metal insert. Expansion under the influence of high temperatures occurs in every single detail. In masonry, the whole structure is deformed when heated and in the near future, at least minor repairs are required. Also, natural stone is distinguished by increased heat conductivity in operation.

    To achieve the effect of a Russian steam bath oven is added to a special design when assembling. A small gap is left below to penetrate the air inwards, the rest of the furnace is tightly covered with a stone. When passing from below upward along the convection fins, the air in the furnace is heated to a high temperature and leaves the structure through an open-top lining in a constant circulation mode. Heat penetrates into the room with a constant steam flow and provides rapid heating. After heating the air to a value of 50C or higher, a light, fine-dispersed vapor can be obtained from the furnace.

    Heating the temperature in the steam room with a natural stone is performed significantly faster and better in comparison with brickwork. Also this material provides high strength and durability in operation.

Technical characteristics of cladding
Cladding height 870 mm
Width of cladding 620 mm
Depth of cladding 740 mm
Cladding Weight 295 kg
Thickness of cladding 40 mm

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