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Sauna stove 06 with Pyroxenite cladding (up to 30m3)

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Troika wood stoves have a number of advantages that ensure their high consumer qualities:

- to increase the service life and increase the maximum permissible peak power in furnaces, metal of various grades and thicknesses is used. Depending on the thermal loads, metal from 3 to 40 mm thick is used in various elements of the furnace design. The thickness of the heat-receiving plate is from 14 to 40 mm;

- a wide range of models with a different arrangement of elements of the furnace allows the buyer to choose the most suitable version of the furnace design for his bath. The stoves are designed in such a way that after the installation of the stove, each element of the structure is located in the section of the bath for which it is intended. For example, the firebox goes into the dressing room, the heater is in the steam room, and the tank is in the washing compartment;

- voluminous heater - containing (depending on the model) up to 250 kg of stones. In non-standard models, up to 400 kg. Such a number of well-heated stones allows you to get soft steam from a Russian bath and has a large heat capacity. Furnaces are completed with a funnel for water supply in a heater. The heater is designed in such a way that it allows heating the stones to a temperature of 660°C in a relatively short time. Estimated burning time of our furnaces is 1.5–2 hours;

- to obtain large volumes of light steam, some models of stoves can be equipped with a funnel with distributed water supply to the stones and a steam generator installed in the furnace, with which you can get an additional volume of light (high-temperature) steam, which expands the possibilities for high-quality bathing procedures with a different number of people .

- in each model of the furnace, the diameter of the chimney is optimally selected from 114 to 220 mm. This ensures the operation of the furnaces in all weather conditions (cloudy weather, wind, low pressure). It also eliminates the need for frequent cleaning of the chimney. For our furnaces, an audit can be carried out once every 5 years. To do this, a cleaning hatch with a cover is provided in the gas path of the furnace;

- to save thermal energy after the firebox, the furnaces are equipped with a chimney damper. At the same time, the valve is manufactured taking into account safety standards. This means that when the valve is closed, there remains a hole with a flow area sufficient for the release of possible carbon monoxide from glowing coals.

ATTENTION! It is forbidden to close the valve on a working furnace (if there is burning fuel in the furnace).

- the firebox of the stove is designed in such a way that all the firewood inside along the entire length of the firebox burns simultaneously. This ensures the formation of a furnace core with a high temperature, which in turn contributes to a more complete combustion of the pyrolysis gases released from the fuel and the generation of the maximum possible thermal power.

Furnace surfaces are painted with heat-resistant organosilicon paint.

Technical characteristics of bath furnaces Troika
Volume of steam room 20-30 m3
Type of heater Closed
Container for water Remote (option)
Type of fuel Firewood
Weight of loaded stones up to 200 kg
Steam gun included
Thickness of the heat-receiving plate 20 mm
Material of the furnace Low alloy steel 10 mm
Painting Heat resistant enamel
Length of logs 750 mm
Length of furnace tunnel 200 mm
Power 35 kW
Fireplace door Cast iron without glass
The size 840х660х1370 mm

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