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The pig-iron bathing furnace Hephaestus ZK Uragan 40 (P)

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Cast iron bath furnaces GEFEST are made of alloyed cast iron with a thickness of up to 40 mm. The unique design of the furnaces makes them one of the most reliable. The GEFEST Hurricane model is distinguished by an expanded set: it includes a high forged steel mesh for stones, a cast iron box for the President-type heater, a cast-iron starting pipe 500 mm long, a cast iron GEFEST cast-iron door, a spacer for mounting the door directly to the box. The stove has a fully enclosed stove.

One of the advantages of the GEFEST Hurricane furnaces is the possibility of modernization by installing stone cladding, which greatly simplifies the creation of the “Russian bath” mode. Replacing the grid on the lining is carried out extremely quickly, without dismantling the furnace and chimney system. At the heart of GEFEST Hurricane is the GEFEST Classic stove with a unique trapezoidal sauna stove. The special form allows to heat up the charge above 500 С in the shortest time - only with such a temperature a light fine vapor is obtained, which is extremely important for creating the “Russian bath” in the steam mode. Convection ribs on the side walls increase heat transfer from burning wood to the air in the double room. Due to this, the furnace, despite the considerable thickness and mass, quickly brings the steam room to the desired mode. GEFEST cast iron sauna stoves are 2-chamber furnace units equipped with a pyrolysis gas afterburner system that quickly heats the stove with a charge or puts the stove into a long-burning mode. Adjustable length of the combustion tunnel will eliminate the problems when passing a wall of any thickness. The doors of the GEFEST furnaces are equipped with heat-resistant glass from SHOTT ROBAX (Germany) and a ceramic heat-resistant sealant.

The ash box comes in stainless steel. Welding joints and bolted joints are not used during the assembly of the furnace.

The service life of such furnaces is more than 30 years, but if in the distant future the furnace fails, it is possible to replace an inexpensive part in it, and not the whole furnace.

Cones can be viewed in our catalog Cones d = 53mm 8 pcs.

Technical characteristics of the sauna furnaces Gefest
Material cast iron
Volume of steam room 40 m3
Efficiency 87%
Chimney (diameter) 150 mm
Height 687 mm
Width 458 mm
Length 585 mm
Weight 374 kg
Removal of the portal 200 mm
Glass size ( WxD) 370х280 mm
Length of firewood 500 mm
Grid dimensions (WxDxH) 560х700х1080 mm
Weight of loaded stones 180 kg

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