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Stove for bath Bochka 160 long

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The Bochka furnace is 10 indisputable advantages before any furnaces in the segment:

1. Compact size. (The main diameter of the furnace is 460 mm, for a steam room up to 16 m3, taking into account all power reserves).

2. Built-in hot water tank 50 l. (Stainless steel tank with the function of uniform infrared heating. The bath is ready at the same time with hot water).

3. It is convenient to pour and drain water. (The height of the furnace is one meter, complete with a funnel for the bay. The drain hole just under the bucket or basin does not require the removal or lengthening of the crane).

4. The ideal height of the furnace. (the stove can be easily installed in steam rooms with a low, sloping ceiling and in any configuration of bath-drums and mobile baths).

5. Russian par. (stove with a closed stove, the temperature of the stone is more than 400 C, the most useful microclimate options in the steam room are available for use)

6. Convenience in operation. (Water supply to any place, all the water still falls into the closed heater, the standard length of firewood is 390 mm)

7. Safety, furnace for the whole family (The upper 50 cm of the furnace is heated by no more than the temperature of the air in the steam room or the temperature of the water in the tank)

8. The reliability of the design (The design of the furnace 8 faces, boiler steel 09G2S, indirect heating of the water tank).

9. Available options (Very inexpensive stone net for the first pipe module, possibility of firebox lining with a 2 mm stainless steel combustion chamber reinforcement).

10. Unique price (Price that destroys stereotypes and is available to any wallet).

Technical specifications of Grill'D sauna stoves
Closed heater there is
Mass of stones outdoor 10 kg
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Dimensions (WxHxD) 460х1000х725 mm
Mass of stones inside the heater 25 кг
Max log length 390 mm
The volume of the steam room up to 18 m3
Kiln mass 53 kg

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