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Portal for the sauna stove from the Serpentine

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The portal is considered to be the "face" of the fireplace, so its appearance should be simply excellent. This decorative part can have different styles. We offer you a framing of the sauna stove with a portal made of natural stone such as talc magnesite, soapstone and a coil.

The beneficial properties of natural stone are already widely known when used in everyday life. So Talcochlorite is endowed with medicinal and magical properties. It is believed that this stone is able to emit thermal radiation, similar in wavelength to radiation from the human body (8-9 microns), which has a beneficial effect on our health. He is able to create the most comfortable conditions for the release of heat, have a positive effect on immunity and have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes.

It is not for nothing that the serpentine is called a unique talisman that is able to cleanse the owner of unfavorable energy. This stone is also known for its medicinal properties. Medicines stored in a container from a coil increase the properties of the medicine at times. The serpentine is recommended to be used for colds, as well as for diseases of the kidneys, blood and gastrointestinal tract. The mineral will ease the course of diseases, as well as contribute to the healing of ailments.

Talcomagnesite is able to improve the condition of the body. The property of heat capacity helps it in this. By giving off heat for a long time and evenly, the stone is able to treat diseases of the spine. The heat from the heated stone seems soft and relaxing because the frequency of the heat radiation matches human values. Therefore, using a talcomagnesite stove and stove will help you get less acute respiratory infections, flu, high blood pressure and other diseases.

In addition to all the properties, this stone is very beautiful, has many shades and is similar to marble.

Our portals are not only aesthetically beautiful decorative items, but also as safe as possible for use at home. Particularly noteworthy is the neat mantelpiece, which should be not only beautiful, but also functional. A practical tabletop is no less important, harmoniously complementing the overall structure. In the process of arranging the portals, the owners pay attention not only to the attractive appearance, but also the practicality of the product so that caring for it is convenient and easy.

Thanks to our portals, you have a wonderful opportunity to fill the room with additional comfort and warmth.

Main characteristics
External dimensions 1200x1000x150 mm
Slab thickness 40 mm
Back wall thickness 10 mm
Portal weight 180 kg

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