Наш инстаграм.
Наш инстаграм.

Polished Pyroxenite tile 300x300x10 - 1 sq. m.

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Pyroxenite, like Talcochlorite, Zpmeevik and other natural stones, is excellent for decorating a bath. It combines all the necessary properties for reliable operation in humid and hot environments.

This stone is resistant to temperature extremes, has a high degree of heat capacity (heats up quickly - slowly gives off heat to the environment), environmentally friendly - does not emit any harmful vapors when heated. Resistant to moisture and wear resistance.

Along with high technical properties, this natural material also has medicinal properties. Good for those who want to be always young: tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles. Normalizes blood pressure, has a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys and lungs.

Number of tiles in 1 sq.m. - 11 pcs.

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