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Facing President Serpentine

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        The cladding of stoves and fireplaces is extremely important. Cladding with natural stone is becoming more and more popular. Such cladding looks monumental and rich. The serpentine is a wonderful natural stone. It perfectly tolerates temperature changes and high humidity, so it can be installed in almost any room, even without constant heating. In addition, the lining of a stove or fireplace with a coil is quite resistant to mechanical stress and therefore durable. The coil is an environmentally friendly material that does not produce harmful odors when heated and therefore does not harm your health. The coil lining will withstand the highest temperatures. Also, the coil has a high heat capacity, and the stove will keep warm for a long time.

Technical characteristics of Vesuvius bath furnaces
Height 950 mm
Width 550 mm
Depth 680 kg
Weight 250 kg

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