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Set "Legend Russian steam 18 (240)" NEXT Pyroxenite, S-40

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Set with a cast-iron sauna stove "Legend Russian steam 18 (240) Next" in a natural stone cladding.

The kit includes:

VESUVIUS Legend Russian steam 18 (240) for lining

Facing "Legend Russian steam 18" Pyroxenite, S-40

· Door for cladding

Steam generator

The “Legend Russian Steam 18 (240) Next” stove is designed to produce finely dispersed steam, without which it is impossible to imagine a real Russian bath. This healthy steam, which does not burn the respiratory tract, has a beneficial effect on the state of the body as a whole, and allows you to fully enjoy the bath procedures. Obtaining finely dispersed steam becomes possible due to the presence of a closed heater at the Legend Russian Steam 18 (240) Next stove.

The closed heater is surrounded by a circular flow of flame, the stones in it are heated to a temperature of 600 ° C, which allows you to create the most favorable microclimate in the steam room without overdrying or overheating the air. Water is supplied to the hottest central part of the closed heater through a funnel, while the door of the closed heater must be ajar for fine steam to enter the steam room.

The kit also includes pyroxenite cladding, 40 mm thick. Facing made of natural stone looks original and can significantly transform the interior of your bath. But in addition to the decorative function, pyroxenite accumulates heat, contributes to its more uniform distribution in the steam room, and thanks to this natural stone, the temperature in the steam room does not drop for a long time. Facing made of natural stone is also durable, it will serve you for many years. Another plus of this cladding is ease of maintenance. You just need to wipe it with a sponge. Pyroxenite is an environmentally friendly material, it does not emit harmful substances when heated, it is completely safe for health.

In this kit, steam can be obtained in two ways: you can supply water to the closed stove heater through a special watering can, or apply water to the stones through the door that comes with the kit.

Technical characteristics of Vesuvius bath furnaces
Fire door Vesuvius 240
Height 980 mm
Width 540 mm
Depth 850 mm
Thickness Firebox-10 mm, Cladding-40 mm
Material Firebox-cast iron, Facing-pyroxenite
Stone weight 22 kg
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Door material Cast iron
The volume of the steam room 12-18 m3

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