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Bath furnace Troika No. 05 (to 20 m3) with a water tank

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  • Product Code: Тройка №5 (до 20 м3) с баком для воды

The configuration of the TROIKA 05 furnace is optimized for small steam rooms. The beveled upper part of the heater makes it easy and convenient to supply water to the stones. The steam obtained on the stones comes up, without the risk of someone being burned (relevant for small steam rooms). The voluminous, non-ventilated heater allows you to get a large amount of steam, the thick metal of the furnace and smoke channels will provide a high furnace life (more than 15 years).

Water supply to the lower hot zone of the heater gives a large amount of light invisible steam.

The furnace is designed for bricking. Brick is the material most suitable for facing furnaces and creating the most mild climate in the steam room; it gives thermal radiation close to our body, like solar heat.

Brickwork around the furnace:

• provides the maximum reduction of infrared radiation from metal; allows you to get the climate of the Russian bath and keep it for a long time;

• increases the heat capacity, and due to the huge thermal inertia allows you to quickly and completely dry the steam room;

• absorbs all hard thermal radiation from hot metal; evens out the climate; increases the speed of heating the bath with proper installation; guarantees fire safety.

Brick ovens look beautiful and have a high degree of reliability.

Features of the TROIKA 05 furnace:

- Metal with a thickness of 10 mm, able to withstand a large mass of stones, and not be deformed.

- Universality of installation - the furnace heats three rooms at the same time.

- Each element of the furnace is located in its own room (a fire chamber from the dressing room, a heater in the steam room, and a tank in the washing department).

- Lack of convection flow in the heater - hotter stones, and as a result, invisible light steam.

- The stove is equipped with a cast iron fire door.

- Water supply to the lower hot zone of stones (temperature of the lower part of stones is 500 ° С). Volumetric tank (72 liters) made of stainless steel, which is easy to remove, wash or remove for the winter.

- The furnace is equipped with a valve that allows you to heat the furnace in different modes.

- The large diameter of the chimney ensures stable draft in all weather conditions and eliminates the need for cleaning it.

- Chimney turns made of solid sheets of steel with a thickness of 8 and 10 mm.

- The chimney revolutions system has an inspection door.

- Large front panel gives extra warmth to the dressing room. The beveled back of the heater makes it possible to conveniently supply water to the stones.

- Volumetric firebox with a length of 900 mm allows you to heat wood up to 870 mm.

To increase the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the furnace, it uses the technology of afterburning of pyrolysis gases. Using a special duct in the furnace, the supply of secondary air heated to a high temperature is ensured, which ensures the combustion of firewood and pyrolysis gases formed during the combustion process.

Technical characteristics of bath furnaces Troika
Volume of steam room 12-20 m3
Type of heater Open
Facing Furnace under the cladding
Container for water included
Type of fuel Firewood
Weight of loaded stones up to 120 kg
Steam gun Included
Thickness of the heat-receiving plate 14 mm
Material of the furnace Low alloy steel 8-10 mm
Painting Black heat-resistant enamel
Length of furnace tunnel 300 mm
Diameter of chimney 160 mm
Power 20 kW
The size 900х600х1100 mm
The weight 150 kg
Warranty 3 years

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