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Stove for commercial baths Sevastopol (100m3)

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Stove for freestanding commercial baths. The furnace is lined with fireclay bricks. It may include a heat exchanger with a capacity of 12 tons of hot water per day; heat exchanger for heating adjacent premises, with a total area of ​​300 m2, a tank with a capacity of 12 tons.

 thermal power up to 120 kW; Efficiency from 40 to 60% (depending on the generated heat power);

 possibility of completing with an external heat exchanger with a capacity of 10-25 kW;

 the possibility of smooth adjustment of the heat exchanger heat output within 20-30%;

 the ability to turn off the heat exchanger by draining the water and thereby increasing the heat output of the furnace;

 weight of stones in the heater up to 1200 kg; length of logs (logs) up to 1000 mm;

Technical characteristics of bath furnaces Troika
Volume of steam room 50-100 m3
Type of heater Closed
Facing Furnace under the cladding
Container for water Remote (optional)
Type of fuel Firewood
Weight of loaded stones 800 kg
Steam gun Included
Thickness of the heat-receiving plate 40 mm
Material of the furnace 10 mm low alloy steel
Painting Black heat-resistant enamel
Length of furnace tunnel 200 mm
Diameter of chimney 220 mm
Power 100 kW
The size 1520х1060х1760 mm
The weight 1800 kg
Warranty 1 years

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