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Stove for bath in stainless steel №6Н

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The furnace is designed for brick lining.

Brick - the material most suitable for facing furnaces and creating the most mild climate in the steam room, it creates a thermal radiation close to our body, like solar heat.

Masonry around the oven:

- provides the maximum reduction of infrared radiation from metal;

- allows you to get the climate of the Russian bath and keep it for a long time;

- increases the heat capacity, and due to the huge thermal inertia it allows to quickly and completely dry the steam room; extinguishes all the hard thermal radiation from the hot metal;

- leveling the climate; increases the speed of heating the bath with proper installation;

- guarantees fire safety.

Our furnaces in brickwork look beautiful and have a high degree of reliability.

Features of the furnace "TROIKA" № 06N:

- Built-in water supply system to the bottom of the heater.

- Can be equipped with a door with glass

- The door of the heater can be located on either side of the oven.

- Increased heat transfer area of ​​the furnace and increased strength of the side walls due to the stiffeners.

- The furnace from the waiting room.

- Required proper brick lining.

- Warranty 5 years.

- Heat-receiving plate 10 mm thick.

Additional furnace equipment:

- water heat exchanger for heating adjacent premises;

- convector;

- chimneys;

- sandbox;

- waterproofing.


- The oven is designed for a classic Russian steam room with a closed stove.

- Allows you to get a soft steam Russian bath.

- The climate in the steam room is as close as possible to the climate with a brick oven.

- It is possible to regulate the rate of water heating in the external tank.

- The furnace time is 1.5-2 hours.

Technical characteristics of bath furnaces Troika
Volume of steam room 20-30 m3
Type of heater Closed
Facing Furnace under the cladding
Container for water Remote (optional)
Type of fuel Firewood
Weight of loaded stones 200 kg
Steam gun Included
Thickness of the heat-receiving plate 10 mm
Material of the furnace Heat resistant stainless steel 5 mm thick
Painting Heat-resistant enamel
Length of logs 750 mm
Length of furnace tunnel 200 mm
Diameter of chimney 160 mm
Power 35 kW
Fireplace door cast-iron, without glass
The size 800х400х1250 mm
The weight 205 kg
Warranty 5 years

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