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Furnace for Russian bath №6M1

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  • Brand: "Тройка"
  • Product Code: Тройка №6М1
  • Length: 700 mm
  • Width: 400 mm
  • Height: 1250 mm
  • Weight: 280 kg

This furnace, as well as the furnace 06М1 - one of the best furnaces "TROIKA", designed for bricking.

Features of furnaces for a Russian bath with a closed sauna heater series 06:

 The oven is designed for a classic Russian steam room with a closed stove.

 Fireplace from the waiting room.

 Allows you to get a soft steam of a Russian bath.

 The climate in the steam room is as close as possible to the climate with a brick oven.

 Fire time 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours.

 The heater door can be located on either side of the oven.

 Lack of convection flow in the heater - hotter stones, and as a consequence an invisible light steam.

 Only a closed sauna heater allows you to get the maximum temperature of the stones heating.

 The latch on the stove can be controlled from the waiting room, it allows you to heat the stove in different modes.

 A volume furnace 800 mm long allows wood to be heated up to 750 mm.

Facing brick kilns

Brick - the material most suitable for facing furnaces and creating the most mild climate in the steam room, it gives the thermal radiation close to our body as solar heat.

The brick lining of the oven allows:

 to control convection flow in a steam room, due to cavities and doors in the masonry;

 get the climate of the Russian bath and keep it for a long time;

 stop the heating of air and, at the same time, continue to heat the stones without overheating the air in the steam room;

 quickly and completely dry the steam room due to the huge thermal inertia;

 extinguish all the hard thermal radiation from the hot metal;

 leveling the climate;

 have a beautiful and reliable oven.

Control of convection currents

As everyone already knows, a Russian bath is a low temperature (about 65-75 ° C) and a fairly high humidity. But the most important factor on which these two characteristics directly depend are the air circulation inside the steam room. To do this, we have learned to control the convection flow produced by the furnace inside the steam room. Everything is quite simple, in the absence of overheated metal walls of the furnace and convection apertures, we can practically stop convection (convection is extremely necessary for Finnish saunas). To do this, we overlay our furnaces with brick. Brick for its thermal phonation is very close to the human body, so in the baths with ovens lined with bricks, it's so comfortable to be. Plus the aesthetic factor. By itself, the brick practically does not organize convection. If suddenly we want to get a good steam from a convection oven for a sauna, we are unlikely to get it. Too small amount of stones, too low their temperature, too intense air circulation. At best it will be like a steam inhaler, at worst we will just hurt ourselves - there is a high probability of burning the mucous membranes of our body.

The heater is of closed type.

To get a good quality steam, you need an oven with a fairly large volume of stones. Model No. 06 has a closed-type heater with a stone load of more than 200 kg. The most important thing is that the design of the furnace is designed and executed so that when the stones are heated up to the crimson glow the heater sustains their mass and is not deformed. For this we use low-alloy steels of grade 10, 20 and 40 mm in thickness and stainless steels of grade 5, 8 and 10 mm in thickness. With such thicknesses, there is a multiple strength stock, this significantly extends the life of the furnace. The temperature of the stones heating is about 500 ° C (our furnace uses the developed technology of heating stones from 5 sides, even a volume of 200 kg, we are able to heat up to the required vaporization temperatures in just 2 hours).

Other features of the stoves for the Russian bath "TROIKA" 06 and 06М1:

Metal thickness of 10 mm (body) and 20 mm - in the most heated zone of the heater, able to withstand a large mass of stones and not deform. The furnace can be equipped with a heat exchanger and a tank of up to 100 liters. It is possible to complete the door with glass The maximum temperature of the stones due to the construction of a closed stove (the temperature of the lower part of the stones is more than 500 ° C), the stones are heated from 5 sides simultaneously. The large diameter of the chimney provides a steady draft in all weather conditions and relieves you of the need to clean it. The heater on the stove can be turned in any direction. The chimney system has a revision hatch. The complete set is supplied with wheels for more convenient transportation of the furnace.

Technical characteristics of bath furnaces Troika
Volume of steam room 12-20 m3
Type of heater Closed
Facing Furnace under the cladding
Container for water Remote (optional)
Type of fuel Firewood
Weight of loaded stones 140 kg
Steam gun Included
Thickness of the heat-receiving plate 20 mm
Material of the furnace Low alloy steel 10 mm
Painting Heat-resistant enamel
Length of logs 650 mm
Length of furnace tunnel 200 mm
Diameter of chimney 160 mm
Power 27 kW
Fireplace door cast-iron, without glass
The size 700х400х1250 mm
The weight 280 kg
Warranty 3 years

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