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Sauna stove Teklar Aira 303

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Accelerated heating of a steam room and a bath

The controlled convection system of the AIRA oven significantly speeds up the heating of the steam room. In the summer (or if the room in which the sauna is located is heated), the steam room will be ready in less than an hour. In the cold season, cooking a steam room will take no more than two hours.

Two heaters - closed and open

The closed thermo-insulated TEKLAR stove is located inside the stove and has no common walls with the body to prevent heat loss; it is washed with flue gases from all six sides. The temperature of the stones varies depending on the zone of the heater and reaches 650 ° C. A round hatch is provided on the top of the stove for access to the heater.

The stove has a built-in system for supplying and distributing water to the most heated lower zone of the stove, which ensures the production of steam of the highest quality - without the inclusion of microdroplets of non-evaporated water (not finely dispersed, but molecular steam). The generated steam is discharged upward through the heater hatch. For "tossing up" water, a receiving bowl-dispenser with built-in protection against accidental steam release is used.

Open aroma sauna - "stone garden". It is located on the top panel of the stove and is used in bath procedures to obtain an aromatic vapor-air mixture using water infusions, decoctions, aromatic emulsions.


Shield and controlled convection

A protective screen made of brick, natural stone or other materials must be installed around the stove. The main functions of the protective screen:

• protection of people and objects from excessive heat radiation from the metal walls of the furnace;

• efficient heat accumulator, providing high heat inertia of the furnace;

• fire protection;

• aesthetic and decorative function, decoration of the entire bath.

The screen is installed with a gap of 40-60 mm from the furnace body and together with it forms a controlled convection system. The entrance windows of the convective system are arranged in the lower part of the screen (near the floor). Convection control is carried out using shut-off valves (louvers, doors, dampers, etc.), which accelerates the heating of the steam room and the entire bath, and also allows you to control the temperature in the steam room.

The firebox is carried out from an adjacent room.


Steam room drying

A massive brick (stone) screen is an effective heat accumulator, which provides a high heat inertia of the stove and allows you to thoroughly dry the steam room after the completion of bath procedures and eliminates the formation of condensation in the bath.

Technical characteristics of Teklar sauna stoves
Steam room volume up to 16 cubic meters
Constructive execution All-welded construction
Typical wall thickness 4 mm
Wall thickness of heat-stressed elements 4 mm
Oven chimney diameter 120 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 760х420х900 mm
Furnace tunnel length 180 mm
Shipping weight 107 kg
Firewood bookmark From an adjacent room
Furnace door Cast iron portal with a furnace and ash-pan door
Type of fuel Firewood and briquettes
Firewood nominal length 400 mm
Maximum length of firewood 500 mm
Fuel consumption nominal 2 kg/h
Maximum fuel consumption 4 kg/h
Bottom air supply adjustable (blower door + louvered grill)
Top air supply not
Time to bring the steam room to the mode 0.8-1.5 hours in summer - 2.5-4 hours in winter
Closed (pressure) system coaxial heat exchanger-chimney (additional option)
Open (gravity system) attached heat exchanger + storage and expansion tank (additional option)
Room heating method Combined controlled convective-radiant heat transfer
Thermal room source Low temperature ceramic / stone casing
Convective heat exchanger Single channel finned plate heat exchanger
Steam generator type Closed (inner thermally insulated) heater
Convective heating control Single-channel (regulation of the air flow rate in the convective channel)
Water supply system Distributed injection in the lower zone
Total backfill weight 80 kg
Aroma Generator Type "Stone Garden"
Aroma generator backfill weight 40 kg
Russian sauna yes
Finnish sauna yes
Ventilated sauna yes
Quick warm-up of the steam room yes
Steam room drying yes

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