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Sauna stove Kastor Karhu 40

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Updated line of Karhu ovens.

The newer models are lighter and the safety distances have decreased. All this without losing efficiency. The stoves are CE marked (European Conformity Mark). Kastor Karhu is a classic wood-burning stove with nothing superfluous. Harmonious shapes and matt Karhu steel will adorn any sauna. Behind the attractive appearance are the achievements of engineering. The Coanda effect saves wood and enhances heat transfer.

• Deep compartment for large quantities of stones for soft and rich steam.

• The advanced Coanda air exchange system allows you to heat the sauna faster with less wood, effectively heating every stone.

• The combustion is clean and the efficiency reaches 70%. The flue gas outlet temperature does not exceed 600 ° C. The recommended class of modular chimneys is T600.

• Glass ceramic door can withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C.

• Robust door frame.

• The material used is only high quality Finnish rolled steel.

• The outer casing is made of a corrosion resistant alloy.

• Adjustable feet.

• Furnaces are equipped with a 115 mm diameter flue opening at the top or rear.

The elegant shape and front panel of the Karhu stove, made of semi-brushed steel, will highlight the interior of any sauna. This steel is slightly more matte than regular steel, so it is less prone to dents and scratches. The redesigned design lightens the kiln's weight without sacrificing efficiency.

The new Karhu ovens require shorter safety distances, which gives the sauna design additional flexibility. As before, wall protectors and plates are available as accessories. If required, all Karhu ovens can also be raised or lowered thanks to the adjustable feet.

Karhu woodburning sauna stoves are CE marked and all models now have a 115mm chimney opening at the top or back.

Technical characteristics of Kastor sauna stoves
Room volume 40 m3
Weight of stones 55 kg
Furnace body Steel
Water tank No
Chimney connection Upper
Height 925 mm
Width 580 mm
Depth 525 mm
warranty 2 years
Brand country Finland

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