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Sauna stove Harvia 20 ES Pro

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  • Brand: Harvia
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    The Harvia 20 Pro is designed for medium sized saunas. Thanks to the spacious stone compartment, the stove will provide you with pleasant and abundant steam, and the bright fire burning behind the glass door with a cast-iron frame will plunge you into the atmosphere of a real sauna. Learn more and join professional bathers.

    The best choice for a cottage sauna.

    The Harvia 20 ES Pro heater is often the choice for cottage saunas. This is a practical heater for a good hot sauna. The built-in 20 liter water tank is very easy to use. By the time the sauna is ready, you will have 20 liters of hot water at your disposal. The cast-iron door with glass makes it possible to complement the sauna atmosphere with warm reflections of the fire. The top of the insert made of solid steel with a maximum thickness of 10 mm ensures a long life of the heater. The stove has a large stone space and a stainless steel edging. This heater is also equipped with adjustable feet.

    The outer casing of the Harvia 20 ES Pro is painted graphite black. The Harvia 20 ES Pro S has a stainless steel outer casing.

    The recommended size of the sauna room is 8 to 20 m3 and the maximum amount of stones is 40 kg.

Harvia sauna stoves technical data
Power 18 kW
Steam room volume 20 m3
Kamenka Open
Remote tunnel Not
Firebox material Steel
Chimney outlet Top I Back
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Height 760 mm
Width 430 mm
Depth 650 mm
Weight 75 kg
Weight of stones 40 kg
Guarantee 1 year
Brand country Finland

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