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Universal oven-set GROM 30 (P) 2

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The Grom 30 (P2) stove is distinguished by the latest development of the heater: despite the huge mass, the heater heats up 2 times faster than any other Hephaestus models and maintains the temperature at the same temperature for a long time

The increased weight, the thickness of the tank walls of 14 mm increase the reliability and heat storage capacity, and for quick heating of the steam room, the tank walls are equipped with convection fins not only on the outside, but also on the inner surface.

Thunder is a premium-class stove with increased reliability for use in medium and large steam rooms, including commercial baths (2-year warranty for use, 7 years for individual use).

Technical characteristics of the sauna furnaces Gefest
Material cast iron
Volume of steam room 30 m3
Efficiency 87%
Chimney (diameter) 130 mm
Weight 360 kg
Glass size ( WxD) 340х280 mm
Length of firewood 40 sm

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sauna stove Grom ZK 30 (P) 2, starting nozzle f130, box, door, stove warranty certificate (operating manual)

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