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Cast iron stove for a bath AVANGARD (AVANTGARDE) ZK 30P2

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Avangard 30 is a new concept of a cast-iron heat storage sauna stove with direct charge heating. The casing is modular, assembly takes place from the bottom up, the modules are connected according to the tongue-and-groove system. The weight of the steam evaporator in the Avangrad oven is 30 - 56 kg, and it is heated by direct contact with the flame. The steam evaporator has 2 surfaces with an increased working area - from below it is heated by fire, and from above it gives in water for steam. To increase the evaporation area and heat the first layers of stones, high spikes are cast on the stove. A flame divider is installed under the stove on 3 stops, it divides the flame into 3 streams and directs first to the side parts of the body for intensive heating of the walls and convection heating of air in the steam room. For this, convection ribs are located on the outer surfaces. Further, the flame passes through the ledges to the exit to the chimney, heating the stove. The heater allows you to install various Hephaestus starter modules together with a slide block.

Technical characteristics of the sauna furnaces Gefest
Material cast iron
Volume of steam room 30 m3
Type of fuel Firewood
Chimney (diameter) 130 mm
Height 850 mm
Width 750 mm
Length 516 m
Weight 272 kg
Removal of the portal 225 mm
Glass size ( WxD) 335х280 mm
Length of firewood 50 sm

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sauna stove Avangard 30, starting nozzle 130, stove cover, 2 steam guns, ash box stainless steel, Titanium sealant up to 1500С - 1 pc., warranty certificate (operation manual)

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