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The furnace for a bath of Cometa Vega 180 long

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The company Grill’D participates in the movement promoting healthy lifestyle and the Russian bath. We plunged completely into problems, cares, leisure and, of course, we studied all the needs of the professional steam masters. We have created a furnace that fully satisfies thousands of bath lovers and bathers.

The main requirements for the stove for the Russian bath from the professionals:

1. Efficiency

(Cometa Vega, 5.7 kg of birch wood per hour)

2. No IR radiation

(Cometa Vega 80% protection, Cometa Vega Stone98% protection)

3. Lack of convection

(Cometa Vega 70% protection, Cometa Vega Stone95% protection)

4. Ease of use

(Cometa Vega does not need special skills, it is easy to drown and get steam)

5. Fine steam

(Cometa Vega steam temperature over 400C)

6. Soft heat from the stove

(Cometa Vega 60%, Cometa Vega Stone 100%)

7. The possibility of issuing a different type of steam

(Cometa Vega open steam heater steam 200C, funnel 1 - 300-350С, funnel 2 400-450С)

8. Instant steam entry, “steam pie” to the ceiling

(Cometa Vega 2-4 sec.)

9. Operating mode - without stopping, 20-40 hoverings per working day

(Cometa Vega instant recovery of the heater)

10. Furnace life

(from 09G2S - at least 2000 hours of work, from AISI 439 - at least 8000 hours of work)

11. Individuality "highlight"

(Cometa Vega is a unique singing stove, the sound of a blizzard when sacrificing water to a closed heater)

12. Affordable price

(Cometa Vega is the most affordable stove available on the market that meets all of the above requirements)

Technical specifications of Grill'D sauna stoves
Mass of stones outdoor 75 kg
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Dimensions (WxHxD) 555х1065х775 mm
Mass of stones inside the heater 30 kg
Max log length 390 mm
The volume of the steam room up to 24 m3
Kiln mass 77 kg

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