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Facing Classic in talc (for Hephaestus oven PB-04)

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    Facing is suitable for Hephaestus PB-04, PB-04 ZK

    The main role of the cladding made of natural stone is the creation in the steam bath of the Russian bath. Facing in combination with the stove will ensure the correct bath conditions, will not allow to dry the steam room and will provide a lot of quality finely divided light vapor. And of course it will be the main decoration in the steam room. The company Svarozic produces for the cast-iron bath furnaces Gefest line of Classic, Lux / President and Russian steam cladding.

Technical characteristics of cladding
Cladding height 750 mm
Width of cladding 450 mm
Depth of cladding 550 mm
Cladding Weight 145 kg
Thickness of cladding 40 mm

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