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Cast-iron bath furnace CHT-1 Magnum

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Used for inserting inside lining made of natural stone, ideal for: Huntsman, Taiga, Russian couple, President, Magnum. Cast-iron furnace CHT-1 also approaches under an overlay a brick. To improve the heat resistance, cast iron is annealed with subsequent tempering. Heat-resistant cast iron allows the furnace to withstand large thermal loads inside the stone casing.

            Magnum plant has developed a new design of the furnace door, combining original design, excellent operational capabilities and attractive price. The fire tunnel and doors are made of high-temperature, high-alloyed 5-millimeter steel and painted with a heat-resistant paint in black.

          A furnace with a metal door can be installed in all models of Magnum furnaces.

          The advantage of our cast iron furnace CHT-1:

- cast in Russia

- "clean glass" system

- High-temperature cast iron

- mechanism of tight locking of the door

- reliable fastening of the tunnel to the combustion unit

- powerful hinges of the tunnel door

- detachable shelf in the tunnel

- painting the tunnel in the chamber

- functioning blowing mechanisms

- the furnace tunnel is completed and reliably packed

- The furnace is assembled without tools and modifications

- 3 years warranty from Magnum.

Technical characteristics of Magnum bath ovens
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Volume of steam room up to 35 m3
Height 750 mm
Width 440 mm
Depth without a tunnel 630 mm
Depth with tunnel 850 mm
The size of the heating door (WxH) 430x580 mm
The size of the glass (WxH) 270х275 mm
Weight of cast iron furnace 190 kg
Weight of the tunnel with a door 25 kg
Recommended mass of stones 80 kg
Type of fuel (firewood) 500 mm
Diameter of chimney 130 mm
The recommended height of the chimney(the grate- head) more than 4 m

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