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Bath oven CHT-1 in the Vityaz facing

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The unconventional semicircular shape of the top cover made of stone by the Vitiaz ChT-1 makes it particularly interesting from the design point of view. In order to make the stove in the rest room look like a full-fledged fireplace, we recommend a portal made of natural stone.

Technical characteristics of Magnum bath ovens
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Volume of steam room 35 m3
Height 1100 mm
Width 650 mm
Depth without a tunnel 800 mm
Depth with tunnel 1000 mm
The size of the heating door (WxH) 430х580 mm
The size of the glass (WxH) 270х275 mm
Weight of the tunnel with a door 25 kg
Type of fuel (firewood) 500 mm
Diameter of chimney 130 mm
The recommended height of the chimney(the grate- head) 4 m
Weight 630/680 kg
Weight of stones 120/160 kg

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