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Optima Plus cladding for Kastor ovens

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  • Brand: Kastor
  • Product Code: Оптима Плюс Kastor

  A stove for a bath in a talc magnesite cladding has an abundance of advantages over simple steel and brick fireboxes. An ultra-high level of fire safety and protection from possible burns is the first, but not the most significant plus. Tucked into a stone shelter, the stove transfers heat to talc magnesite, which retains and returns it evenly, multiplying the effect. Due to the convection of the hot air flow inside, the steam becomes finely dispersed, i.e. "Easy". This is what the Russian steam room is famous for. The life-giving features of heated natural stone transforms an ordinary steam room into a whole health-improving biocomplex. Talcomagnesite ionizes the air space and fills it with generally useful microelements that have a beneficial effect on the body and soul. Easy to operate, convenient to use, easy to maintain, the stove makes a visit to the bath pleasant and beneficial.

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