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Sauna stove Harvia Legend 150

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  • Brand: Harvia
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Excellent stoves with lots of stones.

Harvia Legend woodburning stoves provide an unforgettable sauna experience. The stylish black metal frame contains a large number of stones, which, as they heat up, create a wonderful atmosphere in the sauna even at low temperatures. The heat will not leave you even if the fire goes out.

The Legend stove firebox has a newly designed grate that distributes the combustion air. Part of the air is supplied to the upper part of the firebox. The combustion is more complete and more efficient. This design of the grate also increases the life of the heater. The reduced safety distances to combustible materials in comparison with conventional heaters provide a freer space layout. Legend stoves can be equipped with a pipe-mounted water tank.

Harvia Legend 150 is designed to create a comfortable atmosphere in small saunas. This heater is pleasing to the eye and delightful to those in the sauna. Harvia Legend 150 is equipped with a cast-iron door with glass, through which reflections of the fire illuminate the sauna. The adjustable legs make it easy to install the heater in the sauna

Harvia sauna stoves technical data
Power 16 kW
Steam room volume 13 m3
Kamenka Open-mesh
Remote tunnel Not
Firebox material Steel
Chimney outlet Top
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Height 740 mm
Width 530 mm
Depth 530 mm
Weight 58 kg
Weight of stones 120 kg
Guarantee 1 year
Brand country Finland

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