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Sauna stove Harvia 36 DUO

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  • Brand: Harvia
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     The Harvia 36 is a powerful heater for large saunas. The large number of stones ensures proper vaping for a large group of people. The warm atmosphere in a warm wood-fired sauna lasts quite a long time, and the stones will continue to give off steam even if the fire is temporarily extinguished. The graphite black outer casing, sturdy glass firebox door, and guaranteed furnace performance have the reliable quality of the world's largest furnace manufacturer.

    The Harvia 36 Duo woodburning stove is a practical and economical combination of a woodburning sauna stove and a fireplace. By heating the sauna to the required temperature for steam, you can still enjoy the pleasant warmth of the fire. The Harvia 36 Duo stove will serve you for a very long time. The outer casing of the stove is made of high quality stainless steel. The Harvia 36 Duo wood-burning sauna stove has a large stylish steel door with glass (29x28 cm).

Harvia sauna stoves technical data
Power 31 kW
Steam room volume 36 m3
Kamenka Open
Remote tunnel There is
Firebox material Steel
Chimney outlet Back
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Height 810 mm
Width 510 mm
Depth 510 mm
Weight 80 kg
Weight of stones 60 kg
Guarantee 1 year
Brand country Finland

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