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Sauna stove Firebird Classic comb 1100

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    Firebird Firebird Classic combi is designed for heating a steam room. Its distinctive features are ease of maintenance, rapid heating of the room temperature. At the same time, the room warms evenly, an hour after operation, the furnace switches to the hovering mode. The furnace unit is very powerful, and can serve up to 35 sq. M. meters. For the functioning of the furnace, only firewood is needed. The furnace body has a pleasant appearance.

Cast-iron oven Firebird Classic in combined lining

The design designed to heat the steam room must be easy to maintain and clean, be safe, do not spoil the design of the room, as soon as possible reach the hovering mode. All these properties have "Firebird Classic" - an oven made of materials of excellent quality.

Advantages of the "Firebird Classic" oven

The high degree of safety of people in the steam room is ensured by the absence of metal elements in the furnace design. This implies the following: the probability of a burn with a random touch to the surface of the product is reduced to zero.

"Firebird Classic" - an element that decorates the room. It is a coating of talcomagnesite and serpentinite (natural stone serpentine), it is a door with heat-resistant glass, the presence of which makes it possible to observe the play of the flame, gaining even more pleasure from the steaming procedure.

Gray cast iron with graphite content is the main material used in the process of making the furnace. Cast-iron elements with a thickness of up to 20 millimeters are able to accumulate heat in the shortest possible time, subsequently transferring it to the heater. This is what makes it possible to quickly heat the steam room. In addition, the walls inside and outside are embossed, which, undoubtedly, improves the performance characteristics of the product.

Another advantage of using raw materials in the form of cast iron with a high graphite ratio: in the process of operation, scale does not appear on the furnace body, and such material is almost not subject to internal corrosion.

To the indisputable advantages of the product "Firebird Classic" should be attributed to ease of maintenance. The remote portal allows the furnace to be heated from an adjacent room, and its impressive dimensions, as well as the door parameters, make it easy and quick to replace the grate. Do not become a problem and cleaning the structure: you just need to wash it, using heated water.

"Firebird Classic" is a powerful furnace with a weight of 700 kilograms, made of a stone and cast iron that can heat quickly, and then retain heat for a long time. Accordingly, the structure is faced with elements, the thickness of which is 50 millimeters.

The main part of the product is a heater, which is unique in its design. It is heated from five sides, so that the temperature of the stones rises rapidly. At the same time, the heater does not deform at all, since it is made of cast iron with a low coefficient of expansion. This element is also resistant to perceptible temperature changes and overloads.

The furnace evenly and quickly heats the room, maintaining a constant burning of fuel and providing convection. On the steaming mode, the design leaves in an hour, after which it gives a light and pleasant finely divided vapor.

Standard door

Elements of the furnace in the form of a tunnel and the door are completely cast-iron. This provides a high level of resistance against corrosion, an impressive margin of safety. It features the highest degree of reliability and a locking system made of forged metal. The color of the element is black. Forged finish gives the door a kind of mystery. Additionally, the heat-resistant glass can be framed by artistic forging. The door opens to the left, but if the customer wants to purchase the right-hand version, he can specify this part in the order process. The size of the portal is 475 x 415 mm.


The cast-iron fireplace door, painted in matt black, is completed with a large arched glass through which the flames can be seen. In the process of burning, the fire is reflected on all walls of the tunnel, which makes the stay in the steam room even more comfortable.

When using a stove with a fireplace door, it is completely excluded that smoke enters the room due to an excellent level of tightness. At the height and the door locking system. 900 degrees - this temperature withstands the tunnel, but the maximum to which it heats up is 3000C, since the combustion of the fuel is completely in the cast-iron furnace. The size of the portal is 500 by 500 mm

Technical characteristics of Svarozic bath ovens
Volume of steam room up to 35 m3
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Height of furnace 1100 mm
Width of oven 640 mm
Furnace depth without tunnel 770 mm
Length of tunnel with door 140 mm
Length of tunnel with mantel door 220 mm
Distance from the floor to the center of the chimney axis 925 mm
Distance from the front wall to the center of the chimney axis 280 mm
Weight of cast iron furnace 700 kg (with lining)
Thickness of cladding 50 mm
Recommended mass of stones 100-120 kg
Diameter of chimney 130/150 mm
Recommended minimum chimney height not less than 4 m
Chimney outlet top, left, right
The size of the glass in the door (HxW) 260х250 mm
The size of the glass in the mantelpiece door (HxW) 340х290 mm
Size of the portal with the door 475x415 mm
Size of the portal with a fireplace door 500х500 mm
Completeness of the furnace Cast-iron oven Firebird, lining made of natural stone, cast iron door with wooden handle, passport, wooden box

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