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Bathhouse CHT-1 in the cladding Russian steam

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Russian Steam CHT-1 is a wood-burning stove, the furnace of which is made of cast iron with an external tonnel for heating from a neighboring room. CHT-1 is the result of many years of experience of Magnum engineers who have managed to create this easy-to-use and at the same time high-tech "engine" furnace.


The furnace was created by us on the basis of Kalita TM and has a number of significant differences. Russian pairs CHT-1 differs not only in appearance, but also carries with it constructive innovations.

The model features a classic and laconic design characteristic of all premium products from the Magnum plant. Just like the President's model, the Russian Steam ChT-1 oven enjoys well-deserved popularity and demand in the Russian market. Ergonomic and thoughtful shape allows you to install it even in the most compact room of the steam room, and the rounded edges of the stone cladding will ensure safe operation. The cladding is made of natural stone, which, on the one hand, ensures environmental friendliness, and on the other hand, gives the stove a luxurious and respectable appearance.


The furnace model of the Kalita model was used as a basis. It was significantly improved by increasing glass and using a high-quality heat-resistant cast iron grade in the design. Increased resistance to high temperatures is achieved through a special production technology, in which cast iron is first subjected to annealing, and then tempering. After this treatment, cast iron withstands extreme temperature loads, without which no steam room can do. You can lightly park the park, or you can splash water from the ladle generously - the CHT-1 furnace will not fail! It's not for nothing that the manufacturer Magnum gives a three-year warranty on its product. Also, the new unit received a whole series of minor modifications for the convenience of using the oven. The remote design of the furnace is the most preferred option for the sauna. Immediately solved several problems: it is more comfortable to stove the oven, there is no mud in the therma, the oven does not burn oxygen in the steam room. Using the portal of natural stone, you can turn the sauna stove into a full fireplace from the rest room. Through a perfectly clean and transparent glass fireplace you can enjoy a wonderful game of flame on the hot coals, resting after bathing pro-tsedur. From a practical point of view, the glass door also has a value, since it makes it easy to control the combustion process, and it remains transparent through the use of a special technology called "clean glass".

Have you ever been to a real Russian bathhouse? We do not doubt that you visited this temple of peace and cleanliness many times. Agree, it's so cool after a hard work to go to the steam room, sit on shelves that exhale the dizzying aroma of natural wood, draw a scoop of water with a drop of fragrant oil and from all over reach and splash on the broken stones! The steam room in a moment is filled with a healing light steam that digs into the lungs, cleanses the pores and presents with nothing incomparable pacification. Names-stones, heated to very high temperatures, allow the water to turn into the same curative finely divided steam.
Well, if you get a little distracted from the bath romance and return to the technologies from Magnum, it's worth noting the improved design of the Russian Steam CHT-1 furnace box, thanks to which 120 to 180 kg of stones are placed there depending on the method of laying. The box has excellent characteristics of strength and rigidity of the structure. It is capable of withstanding significant temperature changes, inevitable when cold water hits its surface and evaporates explosively. You get the highest quality of Russian steam in combination with 100% reliability of the furnace unit.
Proper installation of a sauna oven is the most important stage in the creation of an ideal steam room. But no less important is the proper operation of this unit, since the full use of furnace potential depends on it. To quickly warm the room steam room, you need to open the cast-iron door in the upper part of the furnace. The flow of hot air will immediately rush out from there and in a few minutes warm up the steam room. After making sure that the desired temperature level is reached, the door can be closed. After that, the soft heat will continue to flow slowly from the heated stone surface of the oven lining. With this approach, the walls of the steam room will never overheat, and they will not have to cool them with cold water in the old manner. Stones laid in a special box of the Russian Steam CH-1 furnace warm up to a temperature of about 400 degrees, and in the lower part of the furnace it reaches 500 degrees. Water, getting on the hot surface, turns into superheated finely dispersed steam, which then condenses on all surfaces of the steam room, lowering their temperature to a comfortable one. The furnace Russian Steam CHT-1 - one of the few in the Russian market, is capable of creating a real "light steam" in your steam room. With our oven, being in the steam room will always be easy and comfortable.
We have already mentioned that the stove Russian Steam CHT-1 looks luxurious and respectable, thanks to the lining of different types of natural stone. It's time to talk about these kinds of details.
1. Talcochlorite. This mineral is a compound of talc, mag-nezite and chlorite. It has a grayish shade and a matte, silky shine. The color of the soapstone can vary from light gray to greenish or reddish. A distinctive feature of this mineral is good thermal properties, which allow it to retain heat 5 times more efficiently than brick. That is, after pouring a bath for 4 hours, it will be possible to steam for another 2-3 hours, and the comfortable temperature in the room will be preserved during the day. Talcochlorite also has medicinal properties, normalizes pressure, tones up, improves metabolism.
2. Coil. This stone does not have such impressive thermo-technical characteristics, but its appearance is able to satisfy the most high-design requirements. It contains quartz, which, when heated, releases ozone, which in reasonable quantities is very useful for the human body (remember how easily and freely it breathes on the street after a thunderstorm when the air is saturated with ozone). The coil has a pleasant gray-green or dark-green color, and its surface can be easily polished.
3. Combined lining with these two types of minerals makes it possible to combine the unique thermal characteristics of talcochlorite with the aesthetic properties of the coil. The central facing panels are made of soapstone, and the finishing elements use a coil.
In addition, the wood-burning stove Russian Steam CH-1 is easily disassembled and assembled, convenient for transportation and installation.
Technical characteristics of Magnum bath ovens
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Volume of steam room 35 m3
Height 1100/1300/1600 mm
Width 650 mm
Depth without a tunnel 800 mm
Depth with tunnel 1000 mm
The size of the heating door (WxH) 430х580 mm
The size of the glass (WxH) 270х275 mm
Weight of the tunnel with a door 25 kg
Type of fuel (firewood) 500 mm
Diameter of chimney 130 mm
The recommended height of the chimney(the grate- head) 4 m
Weight 700/760/850 kg
Weight of stones 120/160/200 kg

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The furnace is fully equipped with: CHT-1 furnace, lining, stone box, MG-450 door with wooden handle