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Banya stove CHT-1 in the facing President

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    Trekking in a bath for a modern citizen is no longer a banal hygienic procedure. This is a tradition, a whole ritual that begins with the preparation of the steam room. It is necessary to properly pierce the bathhouse, and, of course, the main condition of a real Russian bath is a good finely divided steam. Especially for obtaining ideal bath conditions and a first-class steam, the President's furnace with the cast iron furnace CHT-1 was created. The President's model is characterized by simplicity of installation and classic design. This development of the company Magnum has already proven itself and is the leader in sales on the Russian market in the Premium segment along with a model such as the Russian Steam CT-1.

    Ergonomics of the wood stove President CHT-1 is thought through to the smallest detail, the oven will perfectly fit even into the small-size steam room. Stone lining looks very expensive due to rounded edges, and in the combination of two types of natural stone you buy a luxury item. The heat-dissipating surface of the furnace is increased due to the oblique upper wall, which is on the side of the steam room. Also, the bevel makes it possible to courageously give in to the pair, since the arrangement of the door prevents the pair from falling onto the subject.


To quickly warm up the steam room, you just need to open the cast iron door from above. As soon as the temperature has risen to the required value, you should close the cast-iron door, blocking the hot air flow. In the steam room continues to receive soft and comfortable heat emanating from the facing of the stove. Due to the fact that the lining of natural stone is very massive - the steam room will never overheat. Do not have to pour the walls with cold water to raise the humidity and lower the temperature. Due to the fact that the stones are in a completely enclosed stove, the President's oven warms the stones to over 4000C, while the lower part of the stone bookmark warms up more than 5000C. Getting on the hot stones, the water evaporates in an explosive way and turns into a fine-dispersed superheated steam, which in people is called "light." Only "Light steam" has a beneficial and healthy effect on the human body! Steam will fall out of the condensate, and you again with a comfortable temperature in the steam room and with hot stones in the furnace stove President CHT-1.

Model President ЧТ-1 from Magnum is presented in several versions of facing using natural stone, such as:

1. Heat-tight soapstone. This is an environmentally friendly rock with a smooth surface. Evenly and for a long time giving up the accumulated heat, soochlorite has a beneficial effect on the well-being of a person, increasing immunity, reducing blood pressure, improving metabolism. Talcochlorite is the undisputed leader among other materials on thermo-physical properties. One hundred kilograms of soapstone replaces the heat capacity of 500 kilograms of brickwork. In practice, after heating the furnace for 4 hours, 3 hours the kiln operates by inertia and remains warm for more than a day. A special meaning of the soapstone is when installed on a sauna stove.

2. Semi-precious stone coil. A stove with a decoration with this decorative mineral stone looks royally luxurious. When heated, the serpentine separates ozone, has many healing properties. The serpentine is talcumagnesite with impregnations of serpentinite. It is more correct to call it an otalcone coil. The color of this stone can go from gray-green to dark green. The rock is slightly harder than soapstone, better polished and has in its structure a white quartz, which, when heated, releases ozone. According to the heat-accumulating properties, the coil is slightly less heat-consuming than the talochlorite (about 10-15%), but instead you get the royal appearance of the bath furnace President CHT-1.

3. We offer President stoves, both entirely made of soapstone or coil, as well as combined versions. In the latter case, the central plates are made from the so-called "good" heat of soapstone, and the coil is used as a decoration, giving the kiln an exclusivity and uniqueness.

For stoves President, Russian steam, Magnum, Huntsman, Taiga, we strongly recommend putting a German ceramic chimney Shidel. Guaranteed service life of the chimney Schiedel 30 years. Banya stove President CHT-1 is a powerful furnace unit that can strongly heat a stainless steel chimney, and this will lead to extra overheating in the steam room, as well as increased fire danger if the assembly and operation conditions are not observed. Chimney Shidel does not heat above 50C on the outside wall, and this is safety for you, your bath and stove.

Facing of surfaces with natural stone: tile and corner from talcochlorite or from serpentine - beautiful and safe furnish of the furnace portal from the furnace side, finishing of the adjacent walls to the oven in the steam room and the lining of the chimney Shidel. When facing the wooden walls is not just a tile finish, and the installation of a profile wall of refractory materials, minerite and basalt wool. Only after this, on the sheets of minerite, specialists lay the tile using a special heat-resistant adhesive. The combination of these components during installation leads to the provision of fire safety standards and requirements of SNIP.

In order to make the stove in the rest room look like a full-fledged fireplace, we recommend a portal made of natural stone.


Technical characteristics of Magnum bath ovens
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Volume of steam room 35 m3
Height 1100/1250 mm
Width 650 mm
Depth without a tunnel 800 mm
Depth with tunnel 1000 mm
The size of the heating door (WxH) 430х580 mm
The size of the glass (WxH) 270х275 mm
Weight of the tunnel with a door 25 kg
Type of fuel (firewood) 500 mm
Diameter of chimney 130 mm
The recommended height of the chimney(the grate- head) 4 m
Weight 630/680 kg
Weight of stones 120/160 kg

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