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Banya stove CHT-1 in the lining Jack Magnum

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Jack Magnum - the optimal version of the furnace with an open stove on the basis of the already popular Magnum stove with cast iron furnace CHT-1. A distinctive feature of this model is the interesting design of the cladding made of natural stone, which looks like a wooden frame and provides high heat accumulation.

Technical characteristics of Magnum bath ovens
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Volume of steam room 35 m3
Height 825 mm
Width 570 mm
Depth without a tunnel 735 mm
Depth with tunnel 935 mm
The size of the heating door (WxH) 430х580 mm
The size of the glass (WxH) 270х275 mm
Weight of the tunnel with a door 25 kg
Type of fuel (firewood) 500 mm
Diameter of chimney 130 mm
The recommended height of the chimney(the grate- head) 4 m
Weight 440 kg
Weight of stones 80 kg

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