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Sauna oven Firebird Suite combi 975

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Furnace Firebird Lux of cast iron has a powerful furnace, and a natural stone in a stylish combined lining will give the room a very beautiful and memorable color. The furnace quickly heats the steam room, gives out fine-dispersed steam, not allowing a strong overheating of the steam room, because of the possibility of controlling temperature and humidity.

We are constantly trying to improve the furnaces for the Russian bath and present you our development - a wood-burning stove Zhar Bird Russian Steam. Iron stove for the bath Firebird Russian steam, complete with a steam gun, has already proved its reliability and ability to keep the right bath conditions in the Russian steam room. Lining of the coil The Russian steam will effectively allocate your oven from a number of similar ones. By installing the oven Fire the Russian Steam bird, you will get the classical Russian steam room condition using a brick stove-heater. The Firebird oven goes into hover mode for 1-1.5 hours with all the advantages of a brick oven.

Firebird Firebird Russian steam is Light steam for the Russian Bath

Specialists of our company constantly improve the furnaces for your baths. This is a cast-iron version of the wood-burning stove Zhar Bird Russian Steam in Combi. It has already managed to gain popularity among buyers with its reliability and ability to create in the steam room the necessary conditions for which we so love the Russian bathhouse. Cladding material - talcumagnesite and coil. Use of the oven Firebird The Russian steam is comparable to the operation of a classic brick stove-heater. Exit to the beginning of soaring occurs after 60-90 minutes.

A stainless steel box holds a rigid shape that does not deform under the influence of high temperature. The heater is completely closed. This allows you to achieve maximum warming of the stones. The box reliably holds the stone bookmark, not allowing the stones to enter the gap formed between the side wall of the furnace and the lining. When the stones fall into this gap, this leads to cracks in the lining. The box is able to hold from 120 to 220 kg of natural stones. This variation is directly dependent on which model is facing.

In our Russian pair a cast-iron door is inserted into the lining. For convenience, she has a wooden handle. Our secret is simple - the stones are located in the contour, which is completely closed. The furnace thus heats the stones to 400 ° C or more. The steam does not overheat. When water hits the stones, it evaporates by the explosion. The steam instantly becomes finely divided. It's something you can safely call "Easy Steam". Steam from slightly heated stones is a heavy and wet water suspension, which does not do any good for health.

The heater door can extend in any direction - to the left, to the right or from the end of the cladding. By default, the door is made from the end of the cladding. For the choice of the side, remember, look at the oven door of the oven and select the right side of the exit of the heater door.

With the help of special plugs located on top of the oven, it is possible to regulate the heating of the steam room. You will quickly learn to achieve such bath conditions, which will create for your body maximum comfort. If the convection openings are open, then it is possible to achieve accelerated warming up of the steam room. When the hot convection air reaches the desired temperature, close the openings with plugs. Now the heating will be carried out due to the heat that has accumulated the lining of talcomagnesite. Once the steam is heated to 70 ° C, give water to the stones. A cloud of steam, having a temperature of at least 120 ° C, will immediately fall under the ceiling.

And do not fuss and raise the humidity in the steam room or precipitate the temperature. And on the shelves you can sit quietly, without cooling them specially. Finely dispersed "light" steam goes under the ceiling. Take it to your health! Next, the vapor settles and condensates water your skin. This mode is the most optimal for maximum health effect. Relax and get your portion of bath happiness. At the end of the procedure, do not forget to dry the steam room. To do this, you just need to open the conventional holes. The hot air will reliably dry the floor and the walls of the steam room from condensation. Furnace Firebird Russian steam guarantees the absence of any damp in your bath.

Technical characteristics of Svarozic bath ovens
Volume of steam room up to 35 m3
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Height of furnace 975 mm
Width of oven 640 mm
Furnace depth without tunnel 770 mm
Length of tunnel with door 140 mm
Length of tunnel with mantel door 220 mm
Distance from the floor to the center of the chimney axis -
Distance from the front wall to the center of the chimney axis 280 mm
Weight of cast iron furnace 660 kg (with lining)
Thickness of cladding 50 mm
Recommended mass of stones 100 kg
Diameter of chimney 130 mm
Recommended minimum chimney height not less than 4 m
Chimney outlet top, left, right
The size of the glass in the door (HxW) 260х250 mm
The size of the glass in the mantelpiece door (HxW) 340х290 mm
Size of the portal with the door 475x415 mm
Size of the portal with a fireplace door 500х500 mm
Completeness of the furnace Cast-iron oven Firebird, lining made of natural stone, cast iron door with wooden handle, passport, wooden box

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