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Sauna oven Firebird Suite combi 1250

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Oven Firebird Luxury Combi is a real Russian oven! Steam from the hot iron stove turns out to be finely dispersed - it favorably affects the body and increases immunity. The oven is faced with natural stone. Furnace Fire - the bird Luxe Combi becomes a real decoration of your bath!

Cast-iron oven Firebird Suite in combined lining

Furnace Firebird Suite does not have any metal structures in the steam room. A fleeting touch to the cladding will not cause a burn, unlike the metal fittings of other furnaces. Our furnace is your safety! Facing a natural stone effectively allocate your oven from a number of similar. The oven has a harmonious design and elegant appearance. The front upper wall of the facing from the side of the pair is beveled at an angle downwards, this made it possible to place the cast iron door from above. This arrangement of the door excludes the exit of the steam to the client and more rationally allows you to install the Firebird Suite in the steam room. It is convenient to clean the cladding, it just needs to be washed with warm water.

But the most important part of the oven is a heater with a unique design. The heater is heated by fire from 5 sides !!!, which allows you to quickly and strongly heat the stones to high temperatures. Few cast-iron furnaces can provide such heating of stones. Cast iron has a low coefficient of expansion and when high temperatures are reached, the stoves are welded from steel, they begin to deform, while cast iron still tolerates thermal overloads.

 The box for stones welded from stainless high-alloy steel is improved. It has a rigid structure and does not deform from heating. The stone box has a unique design for landing on a cast iron furnace, which ensures a long and proper operation of the furnace, without any displacements relative to the cast iron furnace and the natural stone cladding. The stone box tightly closes the stove from all sides, which allows you to maximally warm up the stuffed stones. In the box there are openings only for the door and the exit of the chimney, so the air convection of the furnace does not depend on the heating of the stove, and the convection currents do not cool the stones.

Attention: What can happen if you do not install the box for the stones in the lining. When heated and cooled, the stones settle and move apart under the action of gravity. In furnaces Firebird Luxury stones rise above the furnace and are confined to the sides by a box. In the absence of a box, the stones begin to press against the walls of the cladding, and after a while the lining can crack. Also, the stone can fall into the gap between the furnace and the cladding, which will lead to a rupture of the cladding. Therefore, we complete our oven with a box for stones.

We put a cast-iron door on the cladding. It has a large size and allows with great pleasure "to steam for heat". Due to the fact that the stones are in the stove in a closed circuit, the stove heats stones more than 400 C, and in the bottom of the stove it is more than 500 C, AND DOES NOT OVERHEAT THE STEAM !!! When water is supplied, on hot stones more than 400 ° C, evaporation takes place by an explosive method and an overheated fine-dispersed vapor is obtained, which is called "Easy vapor". Heavy, wet steam is a water suspension that has evaporated from weakly heated stones (less than 200 ° C), such steam is not good for health. Virtually all metal furnaces with an open stove can not heat stones above 200 ° C without overheating the steam room. 

With a large laying of stones in the stove heater (over 140 kg), the most red-hot stones are on the bottom. Therefore, it is desirable to feed water to the most heated section of stones to obtain the most light and superheated, finely dispersed steam. For this, we developed and tested a STEAM GUN for the Firebird oven. A large laying of stones complete with our steam gun will allow you to get a lot of quality steam. A gun is installed under the heater door. The accessory does not interfere with the classic water supply to the heater, it allows you to get a maximum of steam at any time. The huge additional plus of the steam gun is that after you have poured a portion of water into the gun, the water is dosed to the heated lower stones and, evaporating, the water in the form of steam rises through the entire laying of the stones and smoothly flows out of the open door of the heater. When water is supplied to the steam gun, the steam will not fire from the heater, but will flow out smoothly, thus eliminating the possibility of burning you with steam. We recommend the steam gun to be installed in the Firebird Suite 1250.

Now you can adjust the intensity of the steam heating by using the convection control system in the Firebird Lux ​​oven. This will allow you not to overheat the steam room and get the bath conditions most comfortable for your body. Having opened the convection currents at the beginning of the furnace, ie. having opened a cast-iron door from above, you heat up the steam room, raising the temperature to the desired value. Overlapping the hot air flow (closing the cast-iron door), your steam room will heat up only from the soft and comfortable heat of a natural stone, talc-magnesite or a coil with which a cast-iron stove is lined.

Do not have to pour walls with cold water to "precipitate" the temperature or raise the humidity, and also to cool the shelves. they can not sit because they are hot. You simply heat your steam room for a comfortable temperature for you, warm up, and, having poured water into the heated stove or into the steam fire of the Firebird Suite oven, get a pie of superheated fine-dispersed "light" steam under the ceiling. Those. You raise the temperature for warming up and steaming - the ferry, as it was always in the Russian Baths, and not heated to 100 degrees in the steam room, as is done in the Finnish dry-air sauna. After taking this procedure, the steam will settle, the condensation will fall on the skin, the walls, the floors, the residual bath exhaust will be removed by ventilation, and you will again get a comfortable temperature in the steam room and well-warmed stones in the stove of the Firebird Suite. It is this regime that has a beneficial and healthy effect on your body, it is the Russian Bath that makes us happy.

 Massive details of a cast iron furnace up to 20 mm thick with additional reinforcement withstand mechanical loads of more than 1000 kg. Cast iron actively accumulates heat, and also actively transfers it to the environment, providing a high rate of warming up the room. Because of the high content of graphite, there is no scaling on the walls of the cast iron, for the same reason, the cast iron is not subject to internal corrosion, and these are factors of durability and reliability of the product

 Facing with natural stone tiles: tile and soapstone tile is a beautiful and safe finish of the kiln portal Firebird Suite from the furnace side, finishing the adjacent walls to the oven Firebird in the steam room, and facing the chimney Shidel Uni. Especially elegant is the decoration of the adjoining walls to the Firebird oven with Decor Decoration (Ragged Stone). When facing the wooden walls is not just a tile, but the installation of a profile fire wall made of refractory materials. The combination of these components during installation, leads to the provision of fire regulations and requirements of SNIP. Our experienced specialists will perform these works with your wishes.

Technical characteristics of Svarozic bath ovens
Volume of steam room up to 35 m3
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Height of furnace 1250 mm
Width of oven 640 mm
Furnace depth without tunnel 770 mm
Length of tunnel with door 140 mm
Length of tunnel with mantel door 220 mm
Distance from the floor to the center of the chimney axis 970 mm
Distance from the front wall to the center of the chimney axis 280 mm
Weight of cast iron furnace 900 kg (with lining)
Thickness of cladding 50 mm
Recommended mass of stones 160-180 kg
Diameter of chimney 130 mm
Recommended minimum chimney height not less than 4 m
Chimney outlet top, left, right
The size of the glass in the door (HxW) 260х250 mm
The size of the glass in the mantelpiece door (HxW) 340х290 mm
Size of the portal with the door 475x415 mm
Size of the portal with a fireplace door 500х500 mm
Completeness of the furnace Cast-iron oven Firebird, lining made of natural stone, cast iron door with wooden handle, passport, wooden box

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