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Buy profitably Vesuvius PK-01 stove-fireplace and AOT-06 Buran heating stove

Furnace-fireplace Vesuvius PK-01 with a furnace door with glass, with a capacity of 9 kW, has a cooking surface (stove), designed for heating rooms up to 150 m3.

A cast-iron blow-out door with a system for adjusting the burning modes and a tightness of the furnace ensures a burning duration of up to 5 hours on one tab of firewood. Furnace furnace is lined with high quality fireclay, which, if necessary, can be easily replaced. The lining of the furnace and the cast-iron grate provide a long service life for the fireplace for at least 10 years.

The advantage of the furnace - Vesuvius fireplace PK-01 (270)

Fireplace made of high quality structural steel

Cast iron furnace door Vesuvius 270 with heat-resistant glass

Pig-iron double door with combustion control system

Cast Iron Cooktop

Cast iron grate

The furnace is lined with highly replaceable high quality chamotte

Ceramic side panels

Power PK-01 (270) 9kW (150m3)

Duration of burning of one bookmark of firewood up to 5 hours

The ability to connect an electric fan, which provides "turbojet" heating of the room

Service life not less than 10 years