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Cast iron stove for sauna Vesuvius Everest "Steam Master" 24 (320) CAST IRON under lining

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Sauna stove Everest "Steam Master" 24 (320) CAST IRON (under the lining) is designed to heat rooms and produce steam in steam rooms up to 24 cubic meters.

The stove is made of high quality cast iron and has an interesting design. The thickness of the metal is from 8 to 24 mm, depending on the details of the furnace (the most thermally loaded areas have a greater thickness of cast iron). The combustion chamber of the furnace is a prefabricated one, it consists of three parts that are bolted together. Vertical seams along the edge of the parts are connected according to the tongue-and-groove principle, which ensures high tightness of the firebox and minimal deformation even during prolonged heating. The connection does not require the use of seam seals, only a sealant is sufficient. The top part of a fire chamber is made of pig-iron rings. In the Everest "Steam Master" 24 (320) CAST IRON furnace, one ring 120 mm high is placed between the furnace and the lid. At the bottom of the cylindrical combustion chamber, a cast-iron grate 20 by 30 cm in size is laid, providing good access to combustion air. Air is supplied through slot-like holes in the oven door. For complete combustion of fuel in the furnace, secondary afterburning channels are arranged that supply air from the blower to the upper points of the chamber, to places where heated gases accumulate. This ensures maximum combustion efficiency and high efficiency of the Everest "Steam Master" 24 (320) CAST IRON furnace.

The cast iron door article 320 has an upper and lower air supply system. Due to the operation of both systems, the intensity of combustion is regulated and the purity of the glass is ensured during the operation of the furnace. The tight contact between the door and the frame makes the furnace space as airtight as possible.

The closed heater core is made of AISI 430 stainless steel with a thickness of 4 mm. The heater is placed directly in the path of the flame and burning gases, which allows you to heat the stones from all sides and quickly reach a temperature of 450-500 degrees Celsius. The shape of the heater ensures the maximum removal of energy from the firewood burning in the firebox. The volume of the furnace is designed to accommodate 25-40 kg of sauna stones. Steam exits through the top cover with holes.

To supply water to the heater, there are 2 filling funnels that direct water to the lower and middle tiers of the heater's foundation. This makes it easier to manage the steam and obtain steam of varying degrees of saturation.

  The Everest stove “Steam Master” 24(320) CAST IRON is made with an elongated furnace tunnel and is designed to lead the furnace door to an adjacent room in the presence of a wall up to 280 mm thick. The door frame is attached to the furnace tunnel, which consists of two cast-iron elements.
Technical characteristics of Vesuvius bath furnaces
Fire door Vesuvius 320
Height 855 mm
Width 475 mm
Depth 855 mm
Thickness Firebox (heat-resistant cast iron) - 4 -24 mm Heater (stainless steel AISI 430) - 3 mm
Stone weight 25 kg
Chimney diameter 120 mm
Door material heat resistant cast iron
The length of the furnace tunnel 290 mm
The volume of the steam room 14-24 m3

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