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Universal oven set GFS ZK 30 (M)

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GFS ZK - a stove with a reinforced heater of greater mass, with a single recess inside the furnace for additional laying of a cast-iron charge. Heat-removing spikes, on the side of burning flame, significantly increase the area of contact between the fire and the heater and accelerate the transfer of heat, and also contribute to better afterburning by mixing the flows of flame and air coming from the air vent. These improvements significantly increase the steam generation capacity of the oven and produce more steam with a continuous supply of water. The heater of GFS 3K stoves is non-fillable.

Technical characteristics of the sauna furnaces Gefest
Material cast iron
Volume of steam room 30 m3
Efficiency 87%
Chimney (diameter) 130 mm
Height 674 mm
Width 419 mm
Length 529 mm
Weight 238 kg
Removal of the portal 200 mm
Glass size ( WxD) 275х220 mm

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sauna stove GFS ZK 30(M), starting nozzle f130, box, door, warranty certificate (operating manual)

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