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Stove for a bath Tunguska XXL 2013 Inox CSN anthracite

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Sauna stove stove Tunguska XXL 2013 Inox with stainless steel door with glass, anthracite

Updated attractive design with decorative exterior details made with modern technology.

The improved convection flow pattern with the use of vents on the front panel and a special mesh around the entire perimeter of the oven allows to warm up the steam room as much as possible in record time.

The increased reliability of the furnace is achieved due to adherence to the concept of thermal equal strength, in accordance with which the heat-loaded elements are made of heat-resistant steel with a thickness of 3 mm. The bottom of the stove and the side walls of the firebox are reinforced with heat-resistant steel stringers

The efficiency of the heat exchanger has been significantly increased due to the fact that it is now placed in the furnace and heated directly by radiation from the flame.

Technical characteristics of TMF (Termofor) sauna stoves
Steam room volume 24 m3
Manufacturing material Heat resistant steel
Furnace volume 61 l
Weight of stones 92 kg
Weight 70 kg
Furnace type Stove-heater
Dimensions (LxWxH) 990х415х810 mm
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Guarantee 3 years

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