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Cast-iron bath furnace GFS ZK 30

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The main difference between the models and the closed Hefest ZK stove from Hephaestus models is the increased volume of the heater, which allows the laying of an additional number of cores. In addition to this, the heater itself is made of a larger mass. The thickness of the parts reaches 40 mm.

The "Russian bath" mode in the steam room is achieved if the temperature of the heater's charge reaches more than 500 ° C. The design of the heater allows to achieve such parameters. On the walls of the heater there are heat-gathering thorns on the flame burning side, which increase the area of ​​contact of the fire with the stove, thereby accelerating the transfer of heat and the quality of the after burn function.

To accelerate the process of heat transfer from burning wood to air in a steam room, designers designed special convection fins on the side walls of the furnace. Although the oven has an impressive size and weight, this structure allows you to quickly set the required microclimate in the room.

The basis of the design of the Hephaestus cast iron bath furnace is its two-chamber combustion units equipped with a pyrolysis gas afterburner system, which quickly heats the heater with a charge or moves the furnace into the long-burning mode. The tunnel tunnel is designed with an adjustable length, which facilitates the installation of the furnace for any thickness of the walls. The oven door is equipped with a special heat-resistant glass by SHOOT ROBAX (Germany) and a ceramic heat-resistant seal. Complete with the oven is an ash box, made of stainless steel.

Due to the use of alloyed cast iron in the manufacture of Hephaestus sauna furnaces, the finished product has increased heat resistance and corrosion resistance. When assembling the furnace, welded seams and bolted connections are not used. The service life, established by the manufacturer, is 30 years. But it is constructively allowed to simply replace the failed part, which greatly simplifies the operation of the Hephaestus sauna furnace.

Technical characteristics of the sauna furnaces Gefest
Material cast iron
Volume of steam room 30 m3
Efficiency 87%
Chimney (diameter) 130 mm
Height 674 mm
Width 419 mm
Length 529 mm
Weight 238 kg
Removal of the portal 200 mm
Glass size ( WxD) absent

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GFS ZK 30, starting pipe 130x180, ash box-stainless steel, sealant "Titan" up to 1500С, passport of the furnace (instruction manual with warranty card)

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