Set GFS ZK 30 President 1020/60 Talc magnesite. To buy a pig-iron bath stove in Minsk at a bargain price.

Set GFS ZK 30 President 1020/60 Talc magnesite

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GFS ZK 30 - a furnace with a reinforced heater of greater mass, with a single recess in the furnace for additional laying of a cast-iron charge. The heat-removing spikes on the side of the burning flame increase the contact area of ​​the fire with the heater several times and accelerate the transfer of heat, and also contribute to better afterburning by mixing the flow of flame and air from the air vent. These improvements significantly increase the steam generation capacity of the furnace and produce more steam with continuous water supply. The heater Kamenka GFS-ZK is not filled.

Russian bath.

Hephaestus ZK oven with a unique direct-heating heater for producing light finely dispersed steam, which is necessary for the Russian bath regime. Thanks to the innovative design, the furnace is guaranteed to enter the mode in 60 minutes.

The patented heater.

An unmatched 45 mm thick heater provides unmatched reliability and high heat capacity, 120 heat-removing spikes over its entire surface, allow the heater to heat up to 700 degrees in 60 minutes and retain heat for a long time.

Pyrolysis gas afterburning system.

In the second chamber of the furnace, the pyrolysis gases are burned with an air stream, which increases the combustion temperature, which increases the efficiency of the furnace up to 90 percent.

Convection ribs

They increase the heat transfer surface by 110 percent, which ensures quick heating of a paired building.

The system is “Clean glass”.

Due to the natural convection of the air flow, the glass is cleaned, soot and soot do not settle on its surface, the glass always remains completely clean and transparent.

Unique heat removal spikes

Pyramidal spikes located inside the firebox on the side walls contribute to the efficient burning of firewood and increase the heat transfer area by 80%, which allows the stove to enter the regime more dynamically.

Technical characteristics of the sauna furnaces Gefest
Material cast iron, Talc magnesite
Steam mode Russian bath
Volume of steam room 30 m3
Chimney (diameter) 130 mm
Type of oven door Without glass
Cladding shape President
Removal of the portal 200 mm
Length of firewood 450 mm
Cladding height 1020 mm
The necessary number of "cones" 12 pieses

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GFS ZK 30, duct, lower pipe under the gate 130/500, door 450, facing President 1020/60 Talc magnesite

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