Sauna stove Thunderstorm URAGAN 24 (P). To buy a pig-iron bath stove in Minsk at a bargain price.

Cast-iron bath stove Thunderstorm URAGAN 24 (P)

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Bath Storm Thunderstorm Hurricane - an expanded set of stoves in the grid. The most approximate version of the furnace for the Russian steam room modes, having a heater directly closed by a cast-iron duct, a steam door with a beech handle, and a cast-iron starting pipe increased to 50 cm. The furnace is easily upgraded to a full-fledged furnace designed for the Russian bath by replacing the steel mesh with stone cladding without dismantling the chimney. Thunderstorm model The Hurricane is based on the Thunderstorm combustion unit - an economical model for private use. The basic principle of the furnace operation is preserved - steam production with a heat-sink of direct heating stove. The heater is a vault of the furnace, it is heated from the bottom surface equipped with heat-removing spikes to increase contact with the flame.

Russian bath.

Thunderstorm furnace with a unique direct-heating heater for producing light finely dispersed steam required for the Russian bath regime.

The patented heater.

A direct-heating heater, 25 mm thick and 146 heat-removing spikes over its entire surface, allows the heater to heat up quickly and retain heat for a long time.

Pyrolysis gas afterburning system.

Pyrolysis gases are burned in the second chamber of the furnace with the help of an air flow, due to which the combustion temperature rises, which increases the efficiency of the furnace up to 90 percent.

The system is “Clean glass”.

Due to the natural convection of the air flow, the glass is cleaned, soot and soot do not settle on its surface, the glass always remains completely clean and transparent.

Unique collapsible design.

The design of the furnace is convenient for transportation and easy to assemble.

Technical characteristics of the sauna furnaces Gefest
Material cast iron
Volume of steam room 24 m3
Efficiency 87%
Chimney (diameter) 115 mm
Height 595 mm
Width 341 mm
Length 455 mm
Weight 193 kg
Removal of the portal 200 mm
Glass size ( WxD) 290х200 mm
Grid dimensions (WxDxH) 480х580х900 мм
Weight of loaded stones 140 kg

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